1st Degree Usui Reiki

Your investment in this life changing class is £165

29 Feb. & 01 March 2016 (Mon./Tues.) ~ FULLY BOOKED
23/24 July 2016 ~ Fareham, Hampshire, UK ~FULLY BOOKED
10/11 September 2016 ~ Fareham, Hampshire, UK ~ FULLY BOOKED
11/12 February 2017 ~ Fareham, Hampshire, UK~ FULLY BOOKED

20/21 May 2017 (Sat./Sun.) BOOK NOW...Places going FAST!

The cost for this amazing event & beginning your Reiki Journey with Karen Font-Garcia is £165.
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Two day course with a comprehensive course manual & beautiful certificate in Japanese Kanji

  • Introduction to Usui Reiki, history & the 5 principles
  • Symbol attunement to Reiki and Reiju empowerment
  • Developing your connection to Reiki
  • Self-healing, Give & receive a full treatment on a couch & seated
  • Hatsu Rei Ho (strengthening technique)
  • Scanning the physical, emotional and spiritual aura and how Reiki works Byosen scanning
  • Prayer of intention, Ken Yoku Ho, grounding
  • Cleansing Spirit Breath (Joshin Kokuu Ho)
  • Intuitive & Traditional hand positions
  • Using Reiki on self and others
  • Clearing the aura using singing bowls, Tibetan bells and smudging

Welcome to the wonderful world of Reiki!

1st Degree Usui Reiki is predominantly about your own spiritual journey & discovering self.   Stepping into your own personal power.  During the course you will learn how to give and receive reiki to self, family, friends & animals.  You will learn the origins of this life changing energy form and its profound logical teachings.  Through the Reiki Gassho meditation you will learn to clear the mind, achieving calmness and contentment.   We will look at the Reiki principles, breathing techniques and numerous techniques receive to make a difference to your life.   Increased confidence, happiness, clarity and joy are just some of the infinite benefits of undertaking your 1st degree Usui Reiki class.  I look forward to joining you on this life changing journey.

During 1st degree Usui Reiki you will learn how Reiki can help you lead a happier and more positive life and how you can accomplish your challenges and deal with physical problems and emotions.   You will find you are far more relaxed and your relationships with others are enhanced.

On completion of your 1st Degree Usui Reiki course you will learn how to carry out Reiki on yourself, your family and friends.  You will not be able to do treatments on members of the public or charge an official amount.

Refreshments: Herbal teas are provided

Courses for friends: Courses can be arranged for groups of friends (maximum of six)