Meditation and Motivation

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 Meditation and Motivation Workshop £40

Workshop must be booked in advance ~ please email to check availability…

“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy, then you should sit for an hour” Zen saying

Would you like to relax more, sleep more deeply, switch off the constant monkey mind and whirring thoughts…

Would you like to feel calmer within, reduce your stress levels, deal with those challenges in life more effectively

Would you like more clarity, focus and be able to make decisions, to MOTIVATE yourself……….

The meditation and motivation workshop is a wonderful opportunity to make life a happier place & connect with deep relaxation

During a day of wonderful self discovery we will explore ~

The incredible benefits of meditation ~ relaxation, inner peace, enhanced sleep & calmness to name but a few

How to MOTIVATE yourself, achieve focus, make decisions and bring clarity in turn lowering stress levels

Through crystals, aromatherapy oils, sound healing and the most incredible gong bath where the vibrations release emotions and physical patterns allowing us to relax more deeply…..

Investing in your own happiness ~ The energy exchange for this incredible life changing potential day is only £40 including a gift and tools to take away with you for life ~

To book email or call Karen on 07799614968

Fareham, Hampshire UK